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Yeyinde's Skins
Predator 2
Alien skin pack
Warrior and Stalker
Omega Preds
Sniper Pred and Resurrection Warrior
Killer and OD-Steppenwolf's Giger
New Marine and Hunter
Brak Show
Hazard Bug and Trooper
Gold Predalien
Hive Worker
Bugger Pack
Hantu *and coming soon, Alien3*
GoneWrong Revised
SP Menus
Installing Skins

Links to other skin sites and some good AvP related sites

This the website for the upcoming Abandoned mod for avp2. I've been signed up as their skinner, but there's alot more than skins going into this mod. There will be new marine single player missions, complete with maps, cutscenes, and a whole bunch of cool stuff. Deffinately watch this site.

Abandoned mod project

a great avp site, PlanetAvP, news, skins, mods, forums, everything avp

for more AvP2 news, and other cool downloads, check out

AvP Nation

an extinct news site. AvPNews was a pretty cool place, but due to server problems the site is gone... for now

a new clan i did a skin for, they're looking for members and would be grateful if you checked them out.

Team Voodoo

Fellow Skinners:

take a look at my friend Hellspawn's  skin site

the Skin Network

Another site of a very talented skinner, Acid Glow. He's got some really cool stuff up there. Some really nice ideas I wish I'd thought of first. ;) Take a look at his site.

Acid Glow's Skins

Raptor Red's Skins
A great skin site with tons of skins and skin packs you can dload. Really worth checking out. Some very cool, interesting, and unique skins.

Raptor Red's Skins

Want to be an affiliate? send me an email