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A kickass realism mod.

Alright, here's the official info about the mod. Hope you guys check it out, it's really cool. There are several new weapons, including a small nuke *which is awesome*.
"This modification for AvP2 is a full revamp of all species and their arsenal of weaponry based directly from official media sources. The huge list of changes in this mod are mostly weapon physics and aesthetic changes. The firing of weapons, ammo capacities, effects, realistic recoils, weapon functionality, weapon skins and sounds have all been radically modified to match the detailed specifications of the United States Colonial Marines Technical Reference Manual and the Alien series movies. This modification more accurately matches each species to their silver screen selves. This is a modification designed and created by hardcore fans forhardcore fans"
All classes have been reskinned, by myself and Mr. Grizzly, aka Phil Olsen. I did the aliens and predators, and he did an excellent job on making the marines into characters from ALIENS and the corps have been reskinned as well, not to mention all the weapon skins - everything is looking great.
Syntaxx Seven, aka John Velasquez, did a TON of programming work for this project, creating better phsyics, more advanced AI, and a ton of other awesome effects ranging from bullet holes to mushroom clouds. My personal favorite is the toxic nerve gas. A deadly green cloud of smoke that dissipates and swirls in a realist fashion. He also changed all of the weapons and character attributes, creating much more movie accurate beings and artillery.
*note, i've changed the link to the new version which was released recently, adding several new features, and does some balancing*

click here to download the mod

to visit the Projam site for some info on the mod, and installation instructions, click this link

the Nuke, you really have to see it in-game, it's incredible.

the Honored Elder predator *note, that's the skynet railgun, not the projam one, sorry about that*

the Drone - click to view SP Menu

the Hunter - click to view SP Menu

the flamethrower looks cool here, and even better in motion

the praetorian

click here to see more screenshots