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Yeyinde's Skins
Predator 2
Alien skin pack
Warrior and Stalker
Omega Preds
Sniper Pred and Resurrection Warrior
Killer and OD-Steppenwolf's Giger
New Marine and Hunter
Brak Show
Hazard Bug and Trooper
Gold Predalien
Hive Worker
Bugger Pack
Hantu *and coming soon, Alien3*
GoneWrong Revised
SP Menus
Installing Skins


some newer stuff
Hey, i'm not completely dead. while i won't be updating the site much at all, i still have a whole bunch of skins i haven't posted on here, and if you contact me, preferably through MSN, i can easily send you some skins or skinpacks.
      For instance, i've got two simple packs for the marines and corps. One makes the corps have metallic-grey armor with some urban camo pants. The other makes the marines have slightly purple armor and brownish clothing. *my personal favorite is the Ichiro skin* I also have a skin set that has the Worker drone with a new runner skin made to match the style. I've also got a few new cool pred skins. One is an altered version of the Killer pred, with different eyes, a yellow targeting laser, and a covered helmet *and the tweaked armor of a projam pred*. Also on the menu is a skin request i did a while back taht makes the regular avp2 predator look like the Primal Hunt ancient pred. and if i may say so myself, it's damn nifty.
---- also, something screwed up my site counter, so i had to get a new one, and start from zero...
sorry, all done
Hey everyone, a couple of apologies i have to make. Firstly, i'd like to apologize for the lack of updates. i haven't been skinning very much lately, jumping around alot this summer.
The last couple things i've worked on, for avp2 anyway, have been for Projam4. Which is a fantastic mod, there are several servers always running it, and i HIGHLY recommend you download it, you won't be disappointed.
i also would like to apologize for this next bit of news. i've been playing and skinning for avp2 for a long time now, and i'm getting a little tired of it. i still enjoy playing avp2, but not as much as i once did. very shortly i'll be moving on to a new game, doom3, and i may start doing skins for it a bit later down the road.
i probably will not be updating the site much at all, since i'm not really making avp2 skins anymore. i might still take requests, and if you're still interested you can contact me via email.


      I try to update the site at least once a month, so check in every once in a while. I mainly skin for preds and aliens, but I will skin a human every once and a while. I am now taking skin requests.  I can do all characters, HUDs, SP Menus, and I have messed around with some of the other effects. For instance, green predator laser-lights instead of red. There is no charge whatso-ever for custom skins, all are made free of charge. 

Camo Corps skin pack

Desert Marine skin pack

runner from the Worker skin pack *includes drone and runner*

killer-pred mask Predator skin


Ancient standard Pred



Contact Typhoon:
Skin request? Want help with a mod? Something else?
AIM: TheLlamagator97 *dont ask about the name : )*
-look for |SS|Typhoon_MW or Space Cowboy in AvP2

-Just a little note, almost all predator skins include a skinned pickup mask. When reading info about a skin, and it says SP Menu included, click the picture above to view the SP Menu skin.